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Cato/District 2/The Careers

Cato is the deadliest of all the Careers and Tributes. He has trained for this very moment since before he could walk. Although his specialty is swords, he excels in hand to hand combat as well. He can pin you on the ground and beat you in a fight without a second thought. His parents have wanted him in the games since he was little. When they had a child much like most of the other parents, they didn’t want him to enter the games. But when he started showing the signs of having a true talent for swords and fighting, they relented. They started to fall in love with the idea of having their son bring home a victory for their district. Ever since then he’s been training non stop. A typical day would consist of in-school training as well as at home training. He enjoys it too, he loves getting up in the morning and stabbing a dummy with a sword. 

When Cato finally had the opportunity for the games he was ecstatic in only the way a Career tribute could be. He was going to win these games, and no one was going to stop him. He was even happier to learn that all of them would be spending four months in training, giving him an even larger edge over his opponents. He could socially expand his game with the Careers. And he could further learn about his other Tributes. Cato isn’t stupid, and he knows that there could very well be someone out there hiding their talents and trying to win the games by stealth. But his arrogance blinds him and he only see’s his fellow Career tributes as actual threats, but he isn’t planning on betraying them. Yes, he will stay with the Career pack until he has to. There is strength in numbers, right? There is, however, one girl who he noticed from the moment her sisters name was pulled out on Reaping day. Katniss Everdeen. The only other tribute to score HIGHER then him. 

Although killing is against the rules in the training center, who follows rules? Rules are just a set of guidelines that may or may not be needed. Cato is often seen practicing after others go to sleep at night, trying to get his strength up as much as he can. He wouldn’t want to be out tricked by a girl from District 12. Although his arrogance blinds him with the other tributes, he notices the Girl on Fire and he hates her. He wished she would have let her puny little sister enter the games because he could have killed her in a second. But she didn’t, she volunteered and thus became his number one threat. Who volunteers their self for the Hunger Games when they come from such a poor district. Then if that wasn’t enough…she scored higher then him. Getting an 11 was the rock that set the avalanche in motion. Soon after that Cato began trying to get Katniss out of the games before they even began. Once during training he walked by her, cutting her on her leg on purpose. When she turned around he expected her to give him a dirty look and walk off. But she didn’t, she pinned his arm behind his back flipped him on the floor. Of course he broke out of it within seconds, pinning her back but the fact that she even dared doing that is what made his hatred for her grow. Cato won’t hesitate to Katniss Everdeen, what does it matter if she’s a girl. Cato’s goal? Kill the Girl on Fire before the games even have a chance to begin. 

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